Art Career Choice

Since the day I knew how to pick up a pencil, I’ve spent every spare minute drawing on any piece of paper in sight. It started off as scribbles, which turned into stick figures, then into somewhat eligible things, which finally turned into realistic drawings. For the first thirteenish years of my life I just considered drawing to be one of my hobbies, something I did for fun. When I got into highschool, though, my perspective on it changed. One of my friends suggested that I should go to college to be an art major. This, however, I thought was crazy. Did I really enjoy drawing enough to make it my life? I started doing some research on different job opportunities you could have with an art degree. As I looked at the job options I decided it was exactly what I wanted to be doing with my life.

Disney! Of course! Who would’t want to work at the happiest place on earth drawing people and making their heads into the cartoon bubble things. However, when I thought more about that idea I realized how much I would probably hate doing that. For one reason, I highly dislike drawing in front of people and for other reason, I’m not really that big a fan of Disney. So I then decided that I was just going to try out random different art classes in college to see what I would enjoy doing the most. I thought if I tried out a couple different types of art I would more easily be able to find a job route specifically geared towards which ever one I enjoyed the most. And it did help. I’ve been taking a 2-D design class this semester and it’s made me realize just how much I love designing things. So, as of right now, I am planning on either becoming an interior designer or an illustrator.

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Passions or Money?

Now a days people tend to put a lot of pressure into getting high level degrees so you can have an excellent job that makes a lot of money. Even if it means sacrificing your passions for a richer life. I personally know people who have given up on a music or art career just to pursue something that they know will make decent money. One of my friend said that when she told her parents she wanted to be an arts major, they told her that it was stupid and she needed to be a doctor or something like that in order to make money. I think it’s wrong to pressure someone or to start a career in something just because it makes a lot of money. If you have a passion to play music, go for it. If you love making art, take art classes. I believe you can live a happier life by having a job you love more then if you have a job that brings in a lot of money.

One of the things I have appreciated the most about my parents is that they have never once told me which direction, career wise, I should take concerning money. They have guided me in choosing a career based on my passions and interests. They have always supported me in my decision to get an art degree and I know they always will. I do realize, though, that money is a necessity to live in this world. So, if need be, I will always be able to get a side job that I may not entirely enjoy for a little extra money. However, I would never consider giving up my passion for money. I would rather live sparingly with my art supplies then give up the one thing that brings me the most joy in my life.

5 Reasons Why High School and College Students Should Think Coloring is Cool

Adult coloring books, no matter how popular they are now becoming for adults and older aged people, still seem unpopular to most high school and college aged kids. They tend to think that coloring books are just for children and that if someone saw them coloring they would consider them immature. High school and college kids also see their parents (mainly moms) participating in coloring so in no way do they want to have anything to do with it.

However, trust me when I say that the benefits of coloring far out way any of the negative thoughts people might have on the subject or about you when you use one. I have two adult coloring books that I color in when I feel stressed or just have some free time and I am always way happier afterwards.

So here are five reasons why coloring books are super cool and should be more widely used.

1. Coloring Will Make School Seem Less Stressful 

With all the stress of exams and papers due, staying up late into the night to not miss those due dates, it would be nice to just take a five minute break that gets your mind off of it all.

A lot of studies have been done to prove how coloring reduces stress. It’s a nice little activity to do when you’re wanting a stress free break without wanting to get drawn into something that will take up to much time.

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2. Coloring Gives You Better Focus 

Having focus in school is one of the most important things you need in order to pass though your classes. I tend to be one to procrastinate or get distracted while doing school.

When you color it forces you to put your mind to this one little task. It trains your brain to be able to focus better on school, to not get distracted so you can work through assignments and meet those deadlines.

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3. Coloring Makes Your Inner Creativity Come Out

Creativity is an important skill to have when in school. From writing papers to making projects, you need to have a creative mind in order to make it through.

Coloring wakes up that creative side of your brain and helps you, not just in school but in other aspects of your life as well. In other words, having a creative mind is a necessity in life and if coloring helps it progress, why not start? This is one of the main reasons I have started coloring, just so my mind will be more imaginative and not so dull.

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4. Coloring Can Help You Express Emotion 

When you’re in school you go through a lot of different emotion. You have heart break, anger, happiness, etc. but whatever it is you tend to want to express it in some way. Coloring allows you to do that. You can express your feelings through colors and designs, and so many other different ways. Believe me when I say it helps. You will always feel emotionally better after you sit down and color for a little bit.

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5. Coloring Is Just Plain Fun

Whenever my mom pulled out the coloring books when I was a kid I would always get super excited. I know for most children it was the same. So why not bring that same joy back into our lives today?

With all the downfalls growing up brings we could use a little time to feel like a kid again. Plus there are many different themed coloring books that I know would definitely make coloring super fun for high school and college kids.

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Coloring books can be a cheap, fun thing to do in your spare time. And if it makes you live a happier life with healthy benefits then what’s the harm in taking it up? Pick one up at a store today and you will realize that once you start coloring, you’ll never want to stop!

Community Service

When my siblings and I were still in kindergarten and elementary school my parents decided that they should enroll us in 4-H. Being as young as I was, I thought the whole aspect of joining a 4-H club was a great idea. We got to raise pigs, go to fun workshops, be in talent shows, and at the end of every year we would go to and be in the youth fair that they held. Everything about it was exciting and some of my favorite memories were from 4-H events.  But then, one year, as I was going into 5th grade, my parents decided I was old enough to start participating in the 4-H community service projects. Now for those of you who don’t know me personally, which is basically everyone on here, when I was younger I tended to get super awkward and nervous when I would talk to adults, especially adults in nursing homes. And you want to take a guess at what most of the community service projects were? Yep, going into nursing homes and talking to and entertaining the residents there.

So as you can imagine, after the first time going I begged my mom to not let me go back there again. She, of course, said it was good for me to get out of my comfort zone and that it would eventually get easier and be a beneficial life skill to have. Did that stop me from protesting it every time we went though? Of course not, but I will say this, she was right. I know for a fact that doing community service projects like that really brought me out of my shell. It helped me to realize that what I was doing wasn’t about me and how scared I was, it was about helping the people in our community. After realizing that, I started to enjoy doing the projects. When I have kids I know I won’t hesitate to make them do community service projects, no matter how much complaining I have to put up with.

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Living in a small town when you are only three years old, you tend to get the feel for what community means. Where I grew up everyone knew each other. You couldn’t leave your house without seeing at least 30 people you knew. I was related to half of them and the rest were old family friends. Everyone went to church together, went to the same two restaurants, went to the same school and grocery store. All my best friends lived on the same street as I did. It was perfect growing up there. We all had great unity and great gossip. Everyone knew each others business and that was all part of the fun. It felt like one big, giant family.

And then I moved into the city. I can’t even explain how big of a change that was for my family and I. We went from knowing everyone on the street to not even knowing our next door neighbors. I wasn’t even allowed outside by myself because we didn’t know what the people on our street were like. They could have been serial killers for all we knew (And trust me, some of them looked like it). Moving to the city changed me as a kid and I tended to be more introverted because of it. Not having that community of friends and family as a preteen made me realize how much it can affect our lives in the future. It affects how we treat the people around us. That’s why I think that if you live in a big city or even not really surrounded by neighbors, try to get to know some people around you. Having friends and unity where you live will spread kindness around. And that’s something we could really use some of in this world.

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Family Appreciation

Having a family is one of the things I treasure most in this world. I may not always make it known to them but no matter what, I will always try my hardest to show them just how much they mean to me. I believe, personally, that this is one of the most important things you can do in your life. You should always, no matter how much they annoy you, tell them you appreciate them and that you love them. I know for many that this is not possible. Some have family members that have passed away, split up, or simple left them all together. This is why I believe it to be even more important for the ones that are still able to say they have a whole family. We have to be appreciative of our family because we will never know what is going happen in the days ahead.

However, I know how hard it can be to tell them how much you love them when the whole while all you want to do is strangle them. Trust me, I know firsthand the struggle of wanting to ram your brothers head into a wall while having to silently sit with him at dinner, supposedly enjoying his company. But I also know the times when we drive in his car to random stores to find light bulbs while we sing obnoxiously loud together to songs on the radio. Or when he complements me on my art work saying that he thinks I’m better then him now. Well, anyways, my point was just to say that no matter how you feel about them, even if all you can think of is the bad times you had together, try to let them know you appreciate them. Just try to remember those happy moments in your life you’ve had with them, because they’re there. No matter how messed up a family, I’m positive that there’s moments you can cherish. And besides, everyone’s life would be pretty boring without their family nagging them twenty-four seven.

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Entertainment: My World of Books

It’s rare when you can be so absorbed in doing something that it makes you completely forget where you are or whats going on in your life at that moment. Books, however, have that affect on me. I don’t think I will ever get used to that feeling of excitement when I pick up a new book I’ve never read before and dive into its pages knowing it will be a couple of hours before reality hits back again. And if it’s a book that really has me intrigued, you can be certain i’ll be up all night reading till I’ve gotten ever last word out of its pages. Most of the time I don’t even realized how long I’ve been in a book till I stop reading it. It feels like time has stood still and everything around me has stopped to enjoy the quiet moments reading brings.

This, unfortunately, is not at all true. Most of the time, afterwards, I find out that I’ve spent much more time then I intended to spend, and all the things that I was suppose to get done I now have no time for. Especially during the months of school, this tends to be an even bigger problem. I’m glad, however, that I’ve found ways to keep all my obligations along with still being able to read. Reading is a part of my life that I don’t think I would ever be able to cut out. It’s one of the few things that lets me feel so many different emotions at one time and makes me think and have ideas about life that I can’t get out of anything else. Books have entire worlds in them that not only let you see inside the characters minds, but gives you some incite into the author’s life. It makes you realize that everyone has their own story they want to tell, and book give them that opportunity for it to be told.

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